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How Do I Decide The Design Of My Pool?

Not all pools are created equal! They come in a plethora of designs meant to capture the vision of the owner. While various components and features come into play when determining your pool’s final look and feel, how do you end up with something you’d be proud of? Check out this helpful guide on how to choose the right pool design for your wants and needs.

What are the different pool designs?

You can employ several designs when building a pool you’ve been dreaming about for years. These include:

Saltwater pools

With a salt generator to provide an endless supply of clean and healthy water, these pools are much more cost-effective than traditional chlorine pools. The downside is that they need regular maintenance to keep the chemicals balanced.

In-ground pools

This design offers a great way to add value to your property while increasing the fun factor of having a swimming pool around. They can hold up to thousands of gallons and are an excellent choice for those who like to swim laps regularly as they tend to be larger than most other backyard pools.

Above-ground spool

This is a less expensive option that works excellent in smaller yards; these offer convenience without sacrificing quality or size, which is always an advantage.

Natural pools

A great way to bring the outdoors in, these pools are filled with water from nearby rivers or lakes and can be designed to enhance your view while providing a place for you to swim. These pool types are higher maintenance than others because of their environment but also offer more health benefits.

How do I know what design fits me?Pool Builders Goodyear AZ

Several factors come to mind when considering a swimming pool style that addresses all your preferences. Be sure to consider the following before starting the project:

What is your budget?

One of the first things to look at is your budget. To get a good idea of what you can afford, go out and look at the different pool types in person to see which one fits within your price range. Your budget will also determine the quality of pool builders you hire and the pool equipment used for the entire project. Generally, you expect to pay the following for each swimming pool design:
– Saltwater pool: $16,000-$30,000
– Inground pool: $14,500 and up
– Above ground pools: $1300 to $4000
-Natural pool: $20,000 and
-Concrete pools

What do I want my pool to look like?

This is one of the most significant factors that go into selecting the overall design. It would help to visualize what you’d like your swimming pool to include before going out shopping for it so that you don’t end up with something completely different from what you had in mind. This will make the process much easier and less time-consuming for the pool contractor involved.

What is your climate like?

You want to think about where you live when coming up with a design because different pools have different tolerances depending on where they are in your yard. For instance, saltwater pools tend to work best in warm climates with lots of sun because it’s what they need to function properly. On the other hand, natural pools are better suited for cool or temperate regions due to their reliance on water from nearby rivers and lakes.

What are the latest trends?

While searching for the best shape for your pool, you might want to find inspiration from the latest trends and styles on the market. For example, many homeowners choose to build infinity swimming pools because they look amazing and can be an excellent conversation starter for guests! Another popular trend is tropical pools- designs that mimic those found in tropical locales and can be a great focal point for your backyard.

What is your yard like?

The landscape of your property will play an essential role in determining what kind of pool shape you’ll want to build on it. For example, if you have a flat yard, it’s best to avoid buying an above-ground pool because they are more likely to buckle due to their weight.

How much room do you have?

Think about how much space you have in your and the size of the pool it can comfortably accommodate. For instance, saltwater pools tend to be larger than others because of their need for equipment and chemicals. A large backyard also allows you to have an outdoor room for changing. If you don’t have enough space, this type might not be a great choice. On the other hand, natural pools are much more compact and easier to install.

What kind of view do you want?

You can decide what pool style fits your home best by thinking about what will complement the view in front of it most. For example, if you have a fantastic view from your backyard deck or yard, a great pool design to consider is a natural one with plants and trees. Conversely, if you have a great view of your neighborhood, an above-the-ground pool might be best because it’ll allow you to enjoy the view even while swimming.

How do you plan to use the pool?

The frequency at which you’ll be using the pool will also play a vital role in deciding what kind of design is the right. A saltwater pool might not be ideal for young kids because they are more challenging to maintain and repair. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the pool area with your friends, an infinity pool might be the perfect outdoor space because it can accommodate many people at once.

We Will Help Build Your Dream Pool!

At Specialty Pools, we are dedicated to helping customers find the right pool design for their home with our expertise and knowledge of the current market trends. Our technicians have enough years of experience to bring your dream into reality. When you think of pool builders Goodyear AZ, think of Specialty Pools! Call us today!

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How Do I Decide The Design Of My Pool?

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