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Pool Companies Phoenix AZ

Pool Companies Phoenix AZ

Not Your Average Swimming Pool Builders

As one of the leading pool companies in Phoenix, Specialty Pools knows what it takes to make an impression on your outdoor environment. Not only does our experienced team commit to building beautiful custom pool designs, but we also offer pool remodeling. When you’re ready for our professional renovation services, an upgrade to your outdoor living space, or a new traditional pool installation, we will deliver beautiful, functional solutions without unnecessary fanfare. Contact us today to get started!

We are Dedicated to Building Affordable Pools

Competition is fierce in Arizona, and the only way to stand out is to do things differently. How do we do that? It starts with operating differently. Here’s how we’re different:

  • Our small staff is tight-knit. We’ve worked to assemble a core group of individuals who have mastered the skills we need to provide expertise to any pool project we take on. This helps eliminate miscommunications and keeps things manageable for everyone involved.
  • We don’t have a showroom. Every pool is custom-designed, so we don’t see a reason to have you look at models and quality material samples that would only restrict creativity during the design process.
  • Our company doesn’t take on many projects at once. We’ll accept an average of three projects at a time. This allows us to provide individualized service and focus on the project at hand. If we were to take on more work, this would dilute the quality of our work and exceptional customer service.
  • Without the overhead, we don’t inflate our bids. Since we don’t have a showroom, a legion of employees, and a different specialist for every single aspect of the build—you won’t pay for them. Our bids are typically thousands less than our competitors because our expenses are as well.

Backyard Pool Ideas Coming to Life

Pool Companies Near Me Phoenix AZ

As your lifestyle and tastes evolve, your pool may require an update to continue meeting your needs. Whether you want a simple facelift or an upgraded, elegant space to hold social gatherings, our team’s remodeling and renovation services come into play. Our experts can breathe new life into your existing outdoor space, transforming it into a more modern and inviting space that reflects your preferences.

Our remodeling services encompass everything to create a beautiful outdoor living space, from cosmetic upgrades, such as resurfacing and tile replacement, to more extensive renovations, including adding water features and lighting. With our services, your entire pool area can become a true haven for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring it remains the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis for years to come.

Your Favorite Pool Company Near Me

Having a low overhead and small staff allows us to build better, stronger relationships through the entire process of building and maintaining your outdoor living space. Our unique approach helps you get what you want from a pool company and helps us build to your specifications.

We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way. Building a great custom swimming pool is our passion. Our business model may be a little unorthodox, but our testimonials speak to its effectiveness. With a lower cost and higher quality of work, creating a happy customer comes standard with Specialty Pools. Contact us to get started on your dream backyard.