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What to Expect During the Pool Construction Process

You’re ready for a pool, but what’s next? Understanding the entire process can ease your mind.

You’ll begin with an initial consultation, followed by a site visit.

You’ll review a 3D design and finalize details.

Then, it’s permit time.

Excavation kicks off construction, with safety inspections and final touches to follow.

Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the entire pool building process. It’s also important to pick a quality pool builder, as not all pool companies are created equal.

Get an Initial Consultation and a Quote

Before we dive into details, you’ll need to get an initial consultation and a quote for your pool project. This crucial first step involves meeting with construction experts to discuss your specific needs and vision.

The professionals will assess your property, taking into consideration factors such as size, landscape, and existing structures. They’ll listen to your preferences regarding the pool’s style, size, shape, and additional custom water features like a spa or waterfall.

Then, they’ll provide you with a detailed quote outlining the projected costs of construction, materials, and labor. Remember, this quote isn’t just about price; it’s also about the company’s expertise, transparency, and commitment to quality.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties during this process.

Your Swimming Pool Contractor Will Visit Your Site

Once you’ve agreed on the quote, your contractors will visit your site to conduct a detailed survey, ensuring they’ve understood every aspect of your project. This visit is crucial as it helps them to grasp the project’s scope, identify potential challenges, and clarify your expectations.

During this visit, they’ll perform the following tasks:

1. Assess the site’s accessibility: They’ll check for any obstructions that could hinder the movement of materials and equipment.

2. Evaluate the ground conditions: This involves checking the soil type, water table level, and existing drainage.

3. Identify any surrounding structures or plants: These could affect the pool’s location and design process.

4. Discuss your project in detail: They’ll use this opportunity to confirm your preferences and answer any questions you might have.

This thorough survey ensures your pool construction runs smoothly, mitigating any potential issues.

Get a 3D Pool Design to Review and Finalize Details

You’ll absolutely love getting a 3D rendering of your pool design, allowing you to review and finalize every detail before construction begins.

This next-level visualization tool lets you see your dream pool from all angles, making changes easier and more efficient.

With a 3D design, you’re not left guessing what the finished product will look like. You’ll see your selected tiles, the shape of the pool, where the steps are placed, and even the landscaping around it.

It’s an interactive way of making sure everything is exactly how you want it. So, before the first shovel hits the ground, you’ll have full confidence in your design.

This process ensures your satisfaction and eliminates any potential misunderstandings between you and your custom pool builder.

Get Your Permits

Getting your permits is the next crucial step in this pool construction process, ensuring that all the planned work meets local building codes. It’s not as daunting as it sounds, and here’s a simple breakdown:

1. Application: You’ll need to fill out an application form detailing the project. This usually includes the 3D design you’ve already finalized.

2. Review: The local authority will review your application. They’ll ensure your project aligns with zoning laws, environmental regulations, and safety standards.

3. Inspection: After approval, expect periodic inspections during construction to ensure compliance with the approved plans.

4. Final Permit: Once construction is complete and has passed all inspections, you’ll receive your final permit.

Excavation Begins

After securing your permits, it’s time for the excavation to begin, and despite the noise and mess, it’s a thrilling phase because you’ll see your pool’s shape emerging from the ground.

The construction crew will use heavy machinery to dig out the design outlined during the pool layout stage. It’s crucial to ensure that the excavation follows the precise measurements of your pool design because any deviation can cause significant issues later.

The depth and contours are meticulously shaped, providing the foundation for the form and steel phase.

After the dig, the soil is removed, and your outdoor living space may look chaotic, but don’t worry. This is a normal part of the process. Soon, you’ll see your dream pool taking form.

Safety Inspections and Final Touches

Before you can dive in, you’ll need to confirm that all safety inspections are complete and the final touches have been added to your new custom swimming pool. You can’t overlook this crucial part of the process. Here’s a quick checklist for you:

1. Safety Inspections: Make sure the pool meets all local safety standards and regulations. This includes checking the pool’s depth, the equipment installation of safety rails, and ensuring that all electrical systems are correctly grounded.

2. Cleaning: Before filling it up, give the pool a thorough clean to remove any construction debris.

3. Water Quality: Test the water for correct pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

4. Finishing Touches: Check the pool surroundings. Is the landscaping finished? Are the lights working?

Specialty Pools Will Help You Through the Entire Pool Building Process

Inground Pool Phoenix

You’ll find that Specialty Pools isn’t just a one-stop shop for all your swimming pool needs, but we’ll also guide you through every step of the custom pool building process.

We use cutting-edge CAD software to design your pool, making it easier for you to visualize the final product. Once you’re satisfied with the custom pool design, we draft detailed blueprints and begin construction using quality materials.

We’re not only committed to aesthetic appeal, but also to durability and resilience against Phoenix’s scorching sun. Throughout the process, you’ll work closely with a dedicated superintendent, your one-call representative, for any queries or adjustments.

At Specialty Pools, our expert pool builders ensure that no detail is overlooked from conception to completion.

Contact us today to get started on building your custom pool. We offer excellent customer service.

Quality services we provide:

  • Residential Pool Designs
  • Pool/Spa Design Combos
  • Complete Pool Remodel and Renovation Services
  • Custom Inground Pool Build
  • Custom

Visit our Gallery to see examples of our work.

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What to Expect During the Pool Construction Process

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