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Swimming Pool Contractor Peoria AZ

General contractors can properly install a generic pool in your available space, but guaranteeing that pool meets you and your home’s needs and style is just as important of a process. Unlike stock builders who sell a set of static pool models,  Specialty Pools enlists local expert pool builders to design, build, and install the perfectly conceptualized pool of your dreams.

When you want personalized service, reduced costs, and a perfect installation, we’re the pool builders in Peoria, AZ that make it happen.

Customize your swimming pool to perfectly fit your home

  • Customization your way. We work with you at every stage. It begins with a consultation where we’ll identify your pools needs, wants, and how it works with your property. We’ll use all of this during the design stage to create a 3-D model that meets your price-point, space, and usage needs. We can even add outdoor living spaces for socializing, lounging, or cooking.
  • Personalized service from the very first day. We assign an individual superintendent to every build. They’ll be with you from the first consultation to the final cleanup. This allows us to macro-manage every project, making sure that each detail is carried out according to the blueprints and nothing is overlooked between phases. Your project superintendent will work with you and give you a one-call representative for any questions or adjustments.
  • Increase your home’s value. We’re an award-winning pool construction company for a reason. The quality of our builds provides you with value now and later. Selling a home in Arizona without a pool can be difficult. Our pools designs are so well executed they increase your property value, and can make it easier to sell in the future.

Some of our pool-building specialties include:

Full pool service and repairs for any of our custom-build pools

Specialty Pools ensures that you enjoy our products long after we’ve finished our perfect design and installation processes for your personalized pool. Because of our experience constructing such a wide variety of pools and outdoor areas, we know the ins and outs of any pool model and what any pool needs to stay healthy and functioning properly for years to come. We provide our clients with truly preventative maintenance, taking the time to properly examine the systems that keep your pool clean and running smoothly. We’ll make note of any worn items, thoroughly clean any areas that require it, provide recommendations, and can often repair or replace features on the spot. Every pool is different; the more features a pool has, the greater the chances are that it will require repairs at some point. We can efficiently spot these future problems and conduct any maintenance before larger problems cause larger expenses. 

Contact us to start building your pool today.

You shouldn’t need to compromise your vision when working with a pool contractor. Our custom-built pools in Peoria, Arizona mean you don’t have to. We work with you so your needs are met while building an incredible customized pool around them. Your paradise is waiting. Call or contact us today, it’s time to start building.

Swimming Pool Contractor Peoria AZ