Swimming Pool Companies Mesa

A Swimming Pool Company for the Life of Your Pool

Daily upkeep of a pool doesn’t require a professional swimming pool contractor, but maintenance at yearly or monthly intervals does!

For deep cleaning, repair, replacement, or remodels, Specialty Pools offer affordability and convenience.

And though we create extravagant outdoor spaces, that doesn’t mean we’re too good for everyday maintenance.

Specialty Pools is comprised of a team of professionals that offer basic services for all types of pools, from small wading areas to lap pools.

Choose a full-service pool company that knows the history of your pool.

Get an accurate picture of your pool by partnering with a company that that does it all.

Specialty Pools performs repairs:

  • Air relief valves
  • Unsuccessful backwashes and non-priming pumps
  • Clogged or torn filters
  • Equipment corrosion
  • Circulation system problems
  • Chlorinator problems like cracks, splits, and clogs
  • Manifold issues

We Know You Have Choices When it Comes to Mesa Pool Companies

Backyard swimming is essential in this part of the world. But having to leave home to do it isn’t always convenient. That’s why having a healthy, functional inground pool right at home is so important.

Our professional pool builders and service techs make sure that your backyard swimming area is ready for use every day of the year by offering a regular maintenance schedule.

Weekly or monthly maintenance of your pool may include:

  • Water Surface Skimming
  • Pool Surface Brushing and Vacuuming
  • Water Circulation Check
  • Filter Check
  • Shock Treatments

New or Remodeled Inground Backyard Swimming Areas

If you’ve been looking for a pool building or remodeling company in Mesa, look no further. Specialty Pools not only maintains and repairs existing pools, we build them, too.

Bring us your design ideas, images, or drawings and we’ll create a custom design using 3-D modeling software. This way, you can see your pool, and how it fits with your home and landscape, before the construction even starts.

You will have a personal pool construction project manager assigned to your project and they will be a consistent point of contact from beginning to end.

Our process also helps you consider the surrounding area including landscaping, outdoor living areas, and adjoining hot tubs.

When you make the decision to work with Specialty Pools for design an installation of a new pool, we make sure to maintain a clear line of communication. Your input is very valuable during the planning stages so we can move forward predictably and with minimal setbacks or surprises.

At this point, details such as shell material, decorative tile type, size and shape, and scheduling are decided.

Then, we get to work on the construction itself…

The pool building process:

  • Consultation and Estimate
  • Site Visit, Survey, Measurements
  • Permitting
  • Design and 3-D Rendering
  • Plan Approval
  • Form Board Setting
  • Excavation

  • Structure, Rough Plumbing, and Shell Installation
  • Tile and Coping
  • Plumbing, Filtration Equipment, and Power Setup
  • Decking
  • Cleanup, Finishing Details, and Operation Instruction

Ready for a better pool company in Mesa? Specialty Pools is just a phone call away.

If you’re ready for anything from better pool maintenance to a fully redesigned outdoor swim and lounge area, we’d love to help make it happen. Call today.

Swimming Pool Companies Mesa